Face Lift Surgery: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Will a face lift restore my youthful appearance? If done correctly, a face lift can remove years off your appearance. Rhytidectomy is the medical word for a face lift, which effectively means “wrinkle removal by cosmetic surgery.” People with loose or sagging skin that keeps strong elasticity are the best candidates for the surgery. Most facial wrinkles will be removed, the creases beside your nose will be smoothed out, sagging cheeks will be lifted, and the lips and mouth will appear fuller and more appealing after a successful facelift procedure.

Will a facelift help me get rid of all my wrinkles? Face lift surgery will not be able to erase all wrinkles. Your brow and the areas around your eyes will not be affected by the operation. You can have a brow lift or an eyelid tuck to improve those regions. You might also need laser resurfacing to get rid of extra wrinkles.

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Is getting a facelift risky? Every surgical treatment entails some level of risk. An allergic reaction to the anesthetic is likely to be the greatest risk. Patients who are concerned about this should speak with their doctor about alternatives to general anesthesia. Excessive bleeding, infection, and facial nerve injury are also possible side effects. Getting a highly competent cosmetic surgeon is the greatest approach to avoid such hazards.

What happens during a facelift procedure? The surgeon pulls the patient’s skin off the face, surgically tightens the underlying facial tissues, and then stretches the skin back over the patient’s face to complete the treatment. The surgeon tightens the deeper facial tissues with stitches, removes or repositions superfluous facial tissue, and removes fat with liposuction during the surgery. The patient must return to the surgeon in 5 to 10 days to have the stitches removed.

Is a facelift a painful procedure? The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, so the patient should not experience any discomfort. The patient will endure pain and edema for three days after surgery, and possibly up to a week. If the discomfort persists after that time, it could be a symptom of problems.

Will I get a scar on my face? A face lift may leave some scars, which will fade with time, usually within a few weeks. Scars are usually found in regions where they can be readily hidden by hair or natural face wrinkles. A face lift may cause bruising and numbness, which may fade with time.

How long will a face lift’s effect last? The effects of a face lift on adults in their forties will continue for roughly ten years. The effects will endure 5 to 8 years for persons in their sixties and older.